50 years ahead of time

In 1965, our founder, Villum Kann Rasmussen, formulated the Model Company Objective. To this day, it forms the foundation of the VELUX Group. As Jørgen Tang-Jensen, VELUX Group CEO, reveals: “The Model Company Objective is part of my contract. It states that I must lead the company in an exemplary manner.”

COP21 confirmed that sustainable buildings are important

In Europe, buildings are responsible for 40% of all energy consumption. To meet this challenge, we address key stakeholders to influence the international agenda on buildings. Our message is clear – if buildings are to become sustainable, both energy and indoor climate have to be part of the solution. At COP21 in Paris, buildings were made a permanent agenda item for future COPs.

We can show that the window is net positive over its lifetime

Windows are intended to provide more than daylight; by the end of their lifetime, roof windows can actually have saved and created more energy than was used to produce and dispose of them. In technical terms, the energy yield is net positive.

New commitment for 99% of wood to be sustainability certified

The VELUX Group has committed itself to increasing the amount of wood from sustainable, certified forests in the production of window products. By 2020, no less than 99% is to be purchased from certified sustainable forests. The last percent will continue to come from controlled sources.

Turning waste into value

We have reduced and reused waste in our production for many years, which is in line with circular economy thinking. Our ability to collect, separate and reallocate production waste has become so effective that we are now able to reuse 98% of it, transforming it into renewable energy or recycling it in the manufacture of other products.